Bible & Egytian Baby Names

The Bible contains many Hebrew, Aramaic and traditional Middle Eastern or Islamic names, as well as some names considered to be “divine” or belong to heavenly beings. Biblical names provide deeply meaningful name choices that may even be part of your family’s ethnic heritage or familial traditions. Egyptian is the oldest known indigenous language of Egypt, with written records of the language dating back to around 3400 BC. The national language of modern day Egypt is Egyptian Arabic. Egyptian belongs to the Afroasiatic language family, and is now primarily used in the Coptic Church for liturgical purposes, and not spoken by modern Egyptians. Because of this, a baby name chosen from Ancient Egyptian may not actually be a common name in Egypt today, thus giving the name a unique and exotic quality. Consider using Popular Baby Names to research Bible and Egyptian baby names and meanings, when selecting a Biblical or Egyptian name.
Pulled from the water (English: Moses)
Bible - Egyptian
Bible - Egyptian Boy baby name meaning "Pulled from the water (English: Moses)"

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